Cut down on cooling costs and improve your home’s air quality with the SmartWindow. It pulls fresh, cool air into your home whenever possible.

Meet the all-season bedsheets that eliminate night sweats, odors, and ripping thanks to their unique material.

Considering a 3D printer? Look for one with a laser-engraved build plate and DLP technology for a longer lifespan and, best of all, high-quality results. Continue reading to see what recommended printer we have in store.

Preserve energy while printing with the Anycubic Photon Ultra

Looking for a suitcase that cuts down on taking up space but not capacity? You’re in luck! Today we look at a new Kickstarter campaign from LITO CASE and explore its new Foldable Suitcase. What’s it all about? Read on to learn more!

There’s a slew of new products coming soon from Microsoft. Now officially announced is a whole new line of Surface devices, from the Surface Pro 8 to the redesigned Slim Pen 2. With so many great Microsoft products, you won’t want to miss it! Read on to learn about new devices inbound from Microsoft.

Surface Pro 8

Want to improve your sleep? Check out these sleep-inducing smart lights that dim, brighten gradually, play white noise, and more.

Are you a fan of the 1980s Transformers series? Then you’ll want to look at this chess set. It features individually sculpted, Hasbro-approved designs.

Sick and “tie-red” of putting on complicated neckties? This Kickstarter campaign is looking to make life much easier while boosting your formal style. With GC Windsor’s new knot and tie system, you’re about to have a much better experience. Read on to learn more about this helpful new gadget.

Influencers and vloggers, have we got a gadget for you! The Billy and Billy Pro A.I. powered bring the power of artificial intelligence and robotics to act as your stand-in photographer. Today, we check out this cool new Kickstarter campaign and see what it’s all about. Read on to learn more!

Bosch recently announced a myriad of new products coming soon, but the eBike Smart System stands out. It’s loaded with features, like displays, stat tracking, and efficient battery performance. Do you enjoy riding eBikes? Then you don’t want to miss it.

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